Thursday, May 11, 2006

Can We Talk?????????

Can We Talk?????
Well here i am in the home stretch and i feel this would be a good time to chat

This project has an investment of sweat equity,dollars and many tears....

Now onto some housekeeping....when submitting a sample for

Outsider Art In A Box the forms are necessary so that i am able to keep things organized
and know who you are and what you are creating for this project...
here is the url for the necessary forms:

I need to let you know that if just a sample is sent,

you will hear from me as to the evil forms..Anal eh!!!
no just an easy to use system for me to keep on top of this.
I have other projects on the go also so one needs to distinguish

Please note that i have made changes to some prices:
Boxes: 10 cents each
Foamcore: 10 cents each

I know your thinking why am i (the artist)paying all this money for your project and i get so little in return money wise $1.00- $2.50 per sale

You remember the sweat equity and tears well the ideal and reality soon come together when i started putting project details into place and its cost me more than i anticpated i do not ask or need your sympathy as this is something that i have wanted to do so it has become my labor of love.
I wish i could give you the artists a whole lot more in the dollars and i am sorry for the ones that don't feel that its worth it.
All i ask is that you think of it as an alternative way to get your art out there and its fun....

I am off today to Blim Studio to get a crash course in screenprinting,so tune in the to-morrow and i will let you know how the experience went and as to getting the name of the consignment vintage store i have not done that yet..

thanx for tuning in and let me know that you were here leave some words at the bottom of todays blog...

Be A Great Day!!!

Namaste: i am thinking of working this to put in my art in a box...course it would be smaller ...they are called "hang ups"

Thanx Richard point taken....

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