Thursday, August 24, 2006

Alive and Kicking!

Howdy Ho Folks;
How goes it on this overcast day?? well me i am alive and kicking,which brings me to the title of this entry on this day. Often i am asked how r u?? and i truly became tired of the familiar fine and wanted to add some life to it and get some reaction to giving an unfamiliar response back. Its been interesting the responses i receive from i'm alive and kicking which is usually a chuckle and u can see lights come on in the person.

The other phrase i use is I live and Breathe,the seniors love that one and always have something very interesting and postive to say those responses open up dialogue and i hear and learn so much in that minutes time.

Speaking of Dialogue,a few weeks back or so i did a phone interview for an online podcast based in the states.
Our phone interview was two hours long as i blathered on about my passion for art and my interaction with it. Jennifer the owner/operator of this podcast is a reporter by day and she enjoys putting her reporting skills to use in a creative way it was an awesome experience mind u i did alot of talking lol lol

Technology is amazing in all of its development,there are some things that have truly enhanced my life and other stuff whatever..

Outsider Art In A Box will be unveiling a new branch in the very near future so please stay tuned for the unveiling!!!

I encourage you to go and listen to the podcast its about an hour,it will give u insight as to what i do and i often repeat myself throughout this podcast(groan) but what i do know is i love creativity and the many facets of it and i will go on about my passion given the chance lol lol

Thank You Jennifer for the interview,your time,energy ,creativity and sharing your own creative journey!

Ok folks make time to allow creativity to flow on into your world...
CrafSanity Episode 31 Rhonda Simmons Introduces Us to "Art in a Box"


Please Note that I will be out of Town until the 4th of September I will try and pop in to say howdy.

Outsider Art In A Box Art show ends Sunday August 27th at The Petri Dish 2406 Main St (Thanx Jackie)....if u haven't had a chance to see the machines and purchase some funky art please do!!!!!

Thank You all for your continued support and encouragement.

Create On!!!
In Artisitc Solidarity;


Anonymous said...

I must say the frazeled tomatoe on the top of the page does look a bit like you Rhonda, when you are having a rough day...... he he he

Outsider Art In A Box said...

lol lol lol Hi Bev!!!


Susan said...

Your interview on CraftSanity was so inspiring to me. Thank you for taking the time to do that interview. I'm an aspiring artist trying to figure out how to start getting my work out there, and I've been intrigued by small scale, affordable pieces (I live in a touristy area in upstate NY, and there are some art/gift shops that showcase local art). Hearing about the work you've been doing has been a real boost to my energy. Thanks so much!

TeAntae said...

Chalk me up as another person who discovered you through the CraftSanity podcast. Beyond just all of your inspiration, I think I may just send you a sample for the Outsider Art In A Box. I'd wanted to participate before (I original ran into the Art-O-Mat) project but something about your interview really kicked my desire into high gear. I'll get to work and see what I can do.