Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Go Fly A Kite!!!!

My People, My People;
How goes it??? Life is ebb and flow in this neck of the woods... I try to balance out all the things i do for Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines with fun as it keeps everything upright and not uptight.

This week will be the last time you will see all the vending machines together at the Petri Dish 2406 Main St. The machines come down August 27th some will go to other venues..

The next couple of months will be moving rapidly for Outsider Central.Tomorrow an interview that i did for Craftsanity.com will be posted on Jennifers site,its a podcast so ya can hear what yours truly sounds like.

Yesterday i had a playdate with a couple friends, we ended up at Jericho Beach taking it all in......so kite flying was in order i continue to learn that balance is essential when one is facilitating a creative endeavour. So hey do me a favor go fly a kite and let me know how that felt.....

I do my part to support artists in purchasing their creative xpressions when i can, above is a piece that i purchased from artist Ann Blackwell,Ann also did one of the vending machines, the funky velvet machine with beading on it...i did an artist feature on Ann in previous posts if u can't remember her vending piece.

Well as usual Keep that creativity coming my way!!!

May the creative force be with u....

In Artistic Solidarity;

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