Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Behind The Scenes

How Do?
Another Day at Outsider Art In A Box headquarters... People often ask me where i create and put things together, i have a separate creative space but really the whole house is my studio. I am grateful that the machines are small enough that they fit in with the ecclectic space.

So Can We Talk??? have u made it to The Petri Dish to see the vending machines i am too proud of them all the artists that put their creativity to those machines

I am struggling here to write my blog as i have written a number of requested articles on Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines over the last couple of weeks,yes its a great thing cause this is something that i want to talk about.

Outsider Art In A Box has been invited to the Home Show in October at BC Place three machines have been requested. kewl eh..which leads me into ART WORK OF ALL MEDIUMS WANTED!!!!! Empty boxes are available for u to fill

An Art Vending Machine will be going to Powell River in September 2006 more details acoming


Healing Art Cards........Gwynne Hunt , Abbotsford BC
FunkArt.......Krystin McMillen,Abbotsford BC
Dolly Rocker..........Mary Jane Henderson,Vancouver BC

Have i told you all lately Thank-You!!!

May art and creativity be with you


Anonymous said...

ever heard of artomat? i'm thinking yes.

Outsider Art In A Box said...

very familiar with Artomat!!!
It Rocks