Friday, August 18, 2006


Its a beautiful day in the hood!!!
Ode to Sunny days and Blue skies
Time does not stand still it continues to tick on and thats whats a happening with Outsider Art In A Box....

Things are moving along faster than i am able to keep up with them, hmmm like
i 've said before this project has taken on a life of its own i know thats good
lol lol.. Something that is becoming obvious is that i am going to need a right hand to assist with many little things here at Outsider Central in the near future.

Opus Framing will have two of Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines at their Granville Island Location and North Vancouver. The machines will be hosted there for a month. I know I know its still vacation time for many of prob this will all be repeated in the fall.

Above u will notice a cute flyer....well Ruby Dogs Art house is gonna be two on Sunday and its Party Time......Leanne the owner/operator of this eclectic store embraced and has be a host venue to the first Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machine and has been very supportive and sharing of her business knowledge.

I gotta tell ya its hard for me not to come home with a little something,something from the art house,its an artists dream place so much to see

Whats even better is that there is going to be a Craft Flea Market on Sunday so count the pennies people and load up on the creative supplies. Come on now an artist can never have toooooooooo many supplies.. when i look at my space theres always room for more lol lol lol.

So cruise on down to Ruby Dogs Art House on Sunday August 20th 12-6 and celebrate with them!!!

4738 Main St.(btw 30&32)

Time to get at it!!!

Ta Ta For Now
Have an awesome weekend!


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