Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Open House Part 2

How Do???
I wanted to continue with the Open House Thread, the above pics are the creations that were made and left for me to love and admire. It always amazes me as to what takes place when u put out materials that enhances creativity with a
little curiosity, nudge and encouragement i watched fascinated at the process staying out of the creative outcomes...

The Play table was set up in the middle of room laden with lots of diverse goodies, it couldn't be missed or avoided cause this is where we all ended up. Watching the children just jump in and do was enough to push the adults closer to touching,looking through the materials.

What i love about creativity is the process and how it manifests from one person to another which was the case on Saturday.I will be one with the studio this weekend finally able to get my hands dirty.

Please know that you are welcome to come and see the space let me know!!

Lets put our hands together for some sun today!!! i say bring it on

In Artistic Solidarity;

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