Monday, June 04, 2007

Studio Move

Hi Ya;
Saturday turned out to be a beauty day the sun,heat what more could one ask for.
I had lots of help for the move and the studio was loved by all who saw it. I got say that i am a tad embarrassed at how much creative stuff i have and adding to that we have another load of stuff to go(sigh)

Sunday i spent a half day in the studio organizing,the rest of the week will be the same,BUT I LOVE THE SPACE!!! I am looking forward to getting my hands into some serious art xpression..

The top pic is old space packed and ready to go thats only a small portion of stuff
second pic is Carolyn picking up the body parts i was tossing off the balcony.

The third pic is yours truly and Carolyn at new space we were playing,behind me is the freight elevator which opens into the studio.

Are ya curious yet where Outsider is at well come on down and check us out at our open house upcoming this Saturday;

I invite you and most certainly bring others to celebrate the new creative digs.

Open House: Free
Come on Down and Celebrate the new digs and Outsider Art In A Box 1yr Birthday

Door Prizes
Snacks and Refreshments
Play Table
June 9/2007
12:00 noon - 6:00pm

Studio Location:
150 West Hastings ( Please Ring Door Bell)
Vancouver, BC

For More Info on our Studio Creativity;

Art Parties:

Rock on in the creative world

In Artistic Solidarity;

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