Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Standing Tall...............

Will ya look at the blue skies and feel the heat of the sun..can we say Yahoo!!!
yes i am still here more focused these days with the studio,things are beginning to take off in several different directions.

As you know the Open Studio was an awesome boost...This past weekend i became one with the studio being able to begin working on a large piece.

It will still take time to organize the studio space. This upcoming weekend will be another Art Party.

The above pic is a Art Vending Machine that was created by Nicci B, the fabo stand that the machine is sitting on was created by a metal artist Ilone, that i connected with from craiglist. The stand is a true sculptural piece that is a fit for this vending machine and the bonus is that this machine can go and be taken anywhere..i like portable and access.

Alrighty then i am off to enjoy the day.....

Be one with creativity people....

In Artistic Solidarity;

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