Thursday, September 27, 2007

Walkabout Gastown

Good Morning;
Last week i spent a day in Gastown,with my friend Luchia (pic above) she purchased a beautiful fully furnished loft as an investment property and was hanging out for a week before her new tenant moved in. Gastown is full of diverse inspiration as u can see from some of the pics i took. The galleries in gastown are full of great talent and loads of creative xpression. Its great when u have someone that lives in a particular hood in a city as u see things that are non touristy its an awesome experience.

I was saying to myself the other day ya know Rhonda its all and good that u facilitate this public art project but what about your small stuff,my involvement has been nil in terms of creating my own creative wares. its very easy to become bogged down in the day to day details of the logistics of Outsider or any other public art project that is ongoing. So this is changing in small ways that will lead to big steps..Stay Tuned!!!

I also wanted to encourage you to check out two of Outsiders Artists that participated in the Annual Granville Island Ferries Great Garbage Can Art Contest and Auction on September 21st/2007

Create On....

In Artistic Solidarity;

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