Friday, September 07, 2007

All Cut Up...............

Hi All;
Well things truly are moving along and it feels good to be in a doing place..yesterday i cut out many boxes its a true beginning thanx for your support everybody..thanx for the comment Krystin you left...

There are many lessons and blessings that have reared up doing and not doing this project and one of them is art on Consignment its alot of work!!! plus trust,time etc and my goal is to pay everyone out over the next 2-3 months and leave consignment behind and payout the artist when they hand their work over instead of this waiting game. so i do apologize for the hanging part and for my on again/off on this project. Hang tight... and thanx for your patience it took me long enough to get clear on whats working whats not,choosing to continue this project means streamlining making some things easier on everybody.

Above also is a stained glass Mosaic i am working on for my counter top,its funny i am very much into piece work these days which truly reflects putting my life back together.

Well today is a full creative day for me so i'm at it....

Create on People!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;


S. Holland said...

Hi Rhonda: I found you through Violette's. I have a link to you on my blog. Yes, it is wonderful to finally be in a doing place. I am still journeying to mine.

I would like to see pics of your completed countertop and read about your experience completing it. Mosaic is one of my favorite processes.


K.G. said...

Wishing you all the best in picking up the mosaic pieces, and gluing life all back together. Our cracks add wonderful beauty & character, don't they?