Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Moving Art

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Good Sunny Morning;
On Saturday i was on Main St here in Vancouver BC and i spotted this awesome piece of art,i normally make a habit of carrying my camera with me so that i can capture things that catch my eye. As i was taking the picture this woman stood beside me and here is our conversation...

Woman: What is that?

Rhonda: Its an Art Car

Woman: How do you drive it?

Rhonda: Like any other car

Woman: Oh..... and then walks away shaking her head

It still surprises me at peoples reaction when they see something out of the norm.. i was in total awe of this piece of "Moving Art" and my hands applauded such creativity.. It is a boost to see how others express themselves.

I wanted to let you know that box making continues here at Outsider central today..i get to sit in my backyard take in the sun and create away..how hard can that be...Enjoy the day

Create On!!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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