Friday, September 14, 2007

Who R The People In Your Neighborhood and Beyond

Well here is another beauty day in the neighborhood!!
My creative life runneth over and for that i am grateful for the experiences that i am participating in. Its funny how when life hands u lemons what one does with them know for sure that i did make lemonade.

In my hood an acquaintance told me about a community pottery studio so off i went on Thursday morning. Pottery was my first love and i have been away from it for a number of years i gotta say that i was intimidated and unsure where to start.

I am going to make some creations for Outsider but this will take some thought as to what...The above pics of some clay discs that i am making for a sculpture it is kewl mixing different art mediums,the other pic is a shot of the pottery studio.

The last two pics are of my journey to see the Monet-Dali show at the Vancouver Art Gallery Can i say AWESOME!! IT WAS BREATHTAKING the downside was the crowds it somewhat limited me in reading everything about the Artist.I got the stamp of the Gallery on my hand if i wanted to go back in that night at a later time i was way too exhausted.The other two floors also had great exhibits and were easier to navigate in. Way To Go Vancouver Art Gallery....

Please Support the Arts and your local Artist!!

Good Day to You!!

In Artistic Solidarity;

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