Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Artist Feature......Ann Blackwell

Today I travelled to Maple Ridge to pick up a vending machine from my friend Ann Blackwell...
Ann's perspective is all about fabric and beads...her machine is eye candy in my humble opinion

Ann is an amazing artist and an example of her work above is not only the vending machine but the beaded bra she has done its beautiful and a labor intensive piece of work. Ann and I shared a website for awhile and the beaded bra was the logo piece stating that anything can be altered .

Ann has a masters in Fine Art and has used her skill and knowledge to create unique original pieces fromPhotography to detailed beading.Ann is all about pushing creative boundaries as well as altering anything her hands touch. Please take the time to read her artists bio on Friday night its very insightful.

Murphys Law...

When any one thing can go wrong everything does...My day has been a challenge in trying to put this show together its the details that get ya...Until one has taken the time to learn all they can behind the scenes, it all looks simple there are many reasons why one researches and troubleshoots details, anal u say......No!!!!

Oh well i will suck it up .......tomorrow is another day.

I've enjoyed doing the artist features its been quite insightful tracking this project and i am happy for those that have particpated from the artists to the Petri Dish. Please take the time to put your hands together for all their hard work. I'm off as still things to do places to go and peolpe to see. Tomorrow will be the last artist feature i will put mine up after the show.

Looking forward to seeing you all Friday Night...



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