Saturday, July 22, 2006

Artist Feature.....PINNstudio

#8 246 E. Broadway
pinny’s- michelle weeks, suzanne summersgill

about us....
Pinn is a little studio tucked away in East Vancouver where suzanne and michelle work together.
They share a love of detail and an obsession for bits and pieces, especially interesting things being thrown out.
One project leads us to the next.....
We consider projects carefully before going ahead. Our favorites are artistic approaches that contribute in some way...perhaps to our community ; like working with young artists in the schools.
We teach Workshops on being creative and spend hours in our studio painting and drawing.
Presently, at Pinn we are simply playing with tossed out papers and lovely finds that we come across.
Finding Pinn........
Our work is available through various retail stores in canada and the US
- in vancouver you can find pinnwork at: The Petri Dish, Stepback and Shed.
and through special events at cafes and galleries.
we teach on being creative workshops- in schools, in studios and in homes
we like to use eco-choices and restructure great finds that we come across
we send out a quarterly newsletter to keep you up to date on our goings on.
You can call us directly at the studio
604 874-6216
or by

I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne through The Petri Dish and i really like her work and so i felt that her and Michelle would be a fit to do a machine for Outsider Art In A Box..I wandered over this week to Pinn studio its cute and creatively filled. They really have embraced the vending machine in the very early stages and i so look forward to the outcome. I am so thrilled to see the awesome talent in our beautiful city!!!

Bring The Art On!!!!


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