Thursday, July 27, 2006

Artist Feature............Violette Clark

A Canadian Artist born in Casablanca, Morocco to Spanish parents, Violette is a compulsive painter, who paints with the colour and warmth of Mediterranean Sunshine.
She works in a rush of artistic energy, painting not only on paper and canvas, but on whatever object falls beneath her gaze. She feasts on gorgeous bright colours and glitter and sunshine and joy, producing delightfully playful images filled with naivete and charm, poignant meaningful observations, wild patterns and colours.

Violette's art and life have become inseparable, her whole house has become an example of her creative energy.Violette's spirit and artistic drive are completely uncontrollable, her creativity bubbles out of her and expresses itself in all that she does. Sometimes her work is simply a whimsical little adventure of delightful pure graphics, peppered with the moons, stars, suns, butterflies, ufo's, flying people, flying animals that delight her and constantly penetrate her art. Sometimes however her work has a serious side, a social comment to make, or a personal feeling to convey, even then, Violette's love of patterns and colour and life bring a spirit of delicate optimistic love to all that she does.

Violette is an amazing creative being,i am grateful for her energy in my life....I've followed Violettes blog for several years in total oh's an wows and finally i met her and her beautiful expressive home what a blessing she is.....I 've learned alot about the artists life from violette and the way she "Creates her Way" One can't help but fall in love with the art and the person
Click on to Violettes blog updated daily and become hooked as you gain insight into violettes creative journey....

OK FOLKS I am on limited time here but i wanted to get up this last artist feature...See u tommorow.

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