Monday, July 24, 2006

Artist Feature............Nicci Battilana

About The Artist:
I have always loved art. My earliest memory of discovering the diversity of art was in kindergarten when they had us place a leaf on a piece of paper. We then suspended mesh above it, and ran a large paint filled paint brush across the top of the mesh. Once we were satisfied with our amount of colours and paint we removed the leaf and were left with a wonderful piece of art that was no longer just a plain blank sheet of paper.

My love for painting on clothing began in the mid Eighties in Junior High School. We were given the general sheet of paper or poster board to work on, yet I preferred working on denim jackets and t-shirts. I did not want to create art pieces on paper that would end up being filed away in a school storage room drawer once completed (or worse yet..the trash can due to limited space availability). I wanted my art to live out loud in the world and by creating functional art I believe that I succeeded.

I met Nicci last year at a studio tour in White Rock and she was wearing her beautiful handpainted wearables. I recently purchased a funky custom pillow for my daughter from nicci's girlz series . I enjoy her womin centered creativity and am grateful to have her do one of Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines.

Please cruise on over to Nicci's webspace and check out her art expression...

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Carolyn said...

Great site... makes me want to move to Vancouver!!!