Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Show Must Go On.

Friday has come and gone and I needed to collect my thoughts in order to write them down...

Thank-You to the Artists, The Petri Dish, all those that came to check out what art vending is all about.Above you will see all the vending machines and a couple of pics of friday night,the one machine that was not featured here on the blog was the Queer Vending Machine i created and the art in it came from a queer artist from eastern Canada.

The art vending show for me bought with it many lessons and blessings, my experience that night was rather stressful and most certainly i don't feel that i shone in a postive way. Putting this together pushed and pulled me in many directions. Interactive installations are an island all to them selves and Murphys law was in full force. Vending machines like many machines can be very tempermenatal and so i was powerless as each machine chose not to work at any given time, mind you as i looked out of the small space there was a line up down to the door. People were exicted to put their money in for their art surprise, unfortunately i was not able to partake in that exictement as things were falling apart and i was powerless over many glitches all of it was lessons to learn.

Thank you so much everyone for your support and believing in the project,Friday night i lost the faith as to why i had started this whole thing and was ready to let it all go. Today is a new day and so with the most wonderful support from my partner and friends i have a fresh perspective. Outsider Art In A Box Vending will live on.

The lessons i learned from Friday;

When your powerless over circumstances let it go....

Pick and Choose your battles.....

Everyone has their own way of doing things let it be...

Sometimes my opinions are just that..

Zip it...keep the yap closed

Don't take it so personally.

Respect yourself and others no matter how stressed you are

Take a time out

Really is it that important!!!


If its not working move on

Ask for outside help in big projects

personality conflicts are a fact of life...

Get over yourself...

Laugh about it...

The Blessings;

Honesty and support from loved ones


Curiousity about Art Vending

Seeing the happy faces after opening the art box

The Artists( a great bunch of womin)

More exposure of the project.

Expansion of the project

The art venue ( The Petri Dish)

This will my last art show that i will organize.....good insight for me

An unexpected donation

All the great support and turnout on Friday night

help with last minute things on Friday night( Thanx soooo much)

Ok people my confession time is over you all know now that i am human..Please take the time to go and check out the machines they really are beautiful and very unique. The artists really did and awesome job!!!

The Petri Dish
2406 Main Street

In Artistic Solidarity;

P:S.. yep that is me pointing at the Queer machine.


RachelChisholm2006 said...

I'm sorry I'm on the other side of the Atlantic, or I'd be in to see this amazing exhibition of yours.The pictures look fantastic! Well done on seeing things through!

Anonymous said...

That's a great story. Waiting for more. » »