Thursday, July 06, 2006

Peek-A-Boo's & Going On's

Howdy Ho!!!
Another day in Outsider Art In A Box......I haven't had a chance to post peek-a-boo's so here they are i am so delighted with the range of creativty that has come to Outsider Art In A Box...A big heartfelt thank-you to all the artists that have contributed and thank-you to Jackie from The Petri Dish for hosting the workshops.

Yes i have had a small window to create, as u can see from the pics the little black necklace is called a chalkboard necklace and comes with a piece of chalk. So this is some of the diversity that one can get from a four dollar investment...Bring It On!!!!

There is more artwork that i have not had the opportunity to photograph yet..Keep it coming.....

Stay Tuned .................

Till I write Again....


Tatterededge said...

I got the chalkboard necklace which is now going into the mail to a friend in Austin. SHe sent me art from the Art-o-mat in her hometown and I promised I would send her something from the machine at RD's.

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