Friday, July 28, 2006



Outsider Art In A Box Art Show
Vending machines that dispense art!
Come by the Petri Dish on July 28th from 7pm-late for a party to celebrate the 8 vending machines each decorated by a different artist. Put $4 into one of the machines and out pops a piece of art for you to keep! .
For more info call 604-876-3060 or visit

These machines will be on display at my store (2406 Main St) starting July 28th for one month and then they will be going off to their different venues to be put to use spreading art to the masses.

Machines are being decorated by various artists. These artists are Jackie Dives (owner of The Petri Dish), Suzanne Summersgill, Violette Clark, Nicci Battilana, Leanne Bishop (owner of Rubydog's Art House), Ann Blackwell, Krystin Goodsell and Rhonda Simmons(Creative Midwife of Outsider Art In A Box). machines will be offering art by those listed above and other local artists including Sheri Bakes, Justine Warrington, and Laura Gibson. They will then go off to different venues to be put to use spreading art to the public. --

Ok people come and drop in and say hi see the fab vending machines created by very talented artists plus you get a chance to purchase the artists work which is in their vending machine they painted..

Also all the art features have been posted scroll through and check it out...

Don't Walk Run and see us tonight....

Warning: Outsider Art Vending Machines may become habit forming

Bring loonies and toonies

Till Tonight


tinker said...

Hi, Rhonda - I found you by way of Violette's message board. I just wanted to say, I think your idea for the art vending machines is so cool, and I really admire you for "thinking outside the box" to put this show together, and for being so open about how things might have gone better. Don't beat yourself up about it though - I don't think I've been to an art show yet (& I've been to plenty and organized/curated some), where everything went as planned. Laughing about it helps me get through those times.
I wish I could see this show! The pictures look amazing. Unfortunately, Canada's a little too far from S. Calif. to make that practical : )
Peace & Prosperity to you!

Anonymous said...

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