Thursday, July 13, 2006


Whats Up????

When it comes to updating the blog time flaps by big lots to tell

Outsider Art In A Box Art Show

Vending machines that dispense art! Come by the Petri Dish on July 28th from 7pm-late for a party to celebrate the 8 vending machines each decorated by a different artist. Put $4 into one of the machines and out pops a piece of art for you to keep! . For more info call 604-876-3060 or visit These machines will be on display at my store (2406 Main St) starting July 28th for one month and then they will be going off to their different venues to be put to use spreading art to the masses.

Machines are being decorated by various artists. These artists are Jackie Dives (owner of The Petri Dish), Suzanne Summersgill, Violette Clark, Nicci Battilana, Leanne Bishop (owner of Rubydog's Art House), Ann Blackwell, Krystin Goodsell and Rhonda Simmons(Creative Midwife of Outsider Art In A Box). machines will be offering art by those listed above and other local artists including Sheri Bakes, Justine Warrington, and Laura Gibson. They will then go off to different venues to be put to use spreading art to the public. --

The Petri Dish
2406 Main StreetVancouver, BCV5T 3E2

Artist Feature:

For the next little while i will do a feature on the artists that are decorating the Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines. Tomorrow will be Krystin Goodsell

Art Changes......

I 've done a few small creative things and as it goes there is always room for i have taken the hemp cord off my chalkboard necklaces and added chain..kinda gives them an edgey feel.

Outsider Art In A Box Workshops....

The Petri Dish is offering workshops to people that would like to participate in this fantastic idea. The workshops will provide you with art supplies to create work for the vending machines. You can make as many pieces as you would like in 3 hours. All materials are provided . This includes art supplies, registration forms, an info package about Outsider Art in a Box and the boxes to put your work in for the vending machines. The workshop also provides fun and encouragement from the other people there! Artists of all ages are welcome.

This is a great opportunity to involve your child in an amazingly cool art project.

The money that is made on the vending machines is divided like so:

$2 - artist

$1 - venue

$1 - Outsider Art in a box (for vending machine upkeep and to keep the project going)

To submit art to the vending machines there is a one time only submission fee. Outsider Art is asking for $15 - $25 (sliding scale) to help get the project going. However , if you come to one of the workshops held at The Petri Dish you will pay $15 for the workshop and that will include your one time submission fee. That is a great deal!

The workshops will be held on the following days at

More workshops have been added!

Thursday July 20th

Sunday July 23rd

Thursday July 27th

Sunday July 30th

you must pay in advance--

The Petri Dish2406 Main StreetVancouver, BC


There is a limited number of people per workshop.

Recycle & Reuse...

So can we talk..have you recently gotten an art surprise from Outsider Art In A Box..what have you done with your little boxes...If you are going to toss the box out please throw it back my way.. Recycled outsider art boxes can be dropped off at Ruby Dog's Art House 4738 Main St. or The Petri Dish 2406 Main St.

Inside The Box.......

Its a mystery as to what one can get when they put their $4 in Outsider Art In A Box Vending Machines., it may be an Art or Craft find....Art/Craft is a very personal choice what is to ones liking is to someones dislike...I am not here to define or debate what art/craft is, that is for you to decide....What i strive to do is to choose quality work, the project is still new and so i learn....Hang in there and as always I thank all for the support!!!

I am approachable and open to suggestions by all means contact me...

Thanx for tuning in

Chow For Now;



Anonymous said...

i like the change you made to the chalkboard necklace,i got one of these from the urban festival machine...

Outsider Art In A Box said...

Great glad to hear that, i am open to trading your old necklace for the updated one and that goes for anyone else that would like an update......


AnJaka said...

Great Work!!!
this is a good link you can refer Art Collection