Thursday, January 25, 2007

guess what we've got now....

Hey everybody!
Reese here. Yep its my second day on the job and I am exhausted. But I will never turn down a chance to write so I am pushing through the exhaustion in hopes of something brilliant...

The box to the right asked for a vacation, so we decided to send it on an a trip to Powell River for a little while. She will be hanging out at the Kingfisher Books store, and has asked people to come and visit because she's new in town and is looking for a good time up there in the bush. ( Not in that way! Geez, you bloggers have dirty minds!)

So like I said I am very exhausted because I have been doing this all day ....cut... sort ... staple... cut... sort ... get the idea. That's right! Outsider Art in a Box is putting out its first zine! Our publication currently includes articles such as "The Twelve Steps of Altered Anything", (a must for all neurotic mixed-media artists.) as well as the "Why Cheap Art Manifesto" by Bread and Puppet Glover. ( Great article - weird names.) And, the piece de resistance - "Good things come in Small Packages", which conveys the story and spirit of our endeavour. And with that, I have but one last thing to say...

Eat your heart out Vanna White.



Caffeinated Crafts said...

Hey Reese!
Is that a coffee cup behind you with a cardboard coffee sleeve on it!! LOL!! For shame!! LOL!! We will have to do something about that :)

altermyworld said...

Hi Reese, So when and where will this Zine be available?????
The other day in the mail i rec'd my final month of the subscription of "Outsider Art in a box" contest. I am saddened to see it end, I loved getting it every month. Maybe next month i can afford to treat myself, a big thank you to Caffeinated Crafts and Outsider Art in a box for making my last three months a delight.

LaReesesPieces said...

Oops! I forgot to mention where the zines can be found. I think at this point they will be hovering around the machines so that people can get a sense of the project, but I am quite certain that Rhonda plans on branching out in the future.

PS. Note to Cathy: You are absolutely right. I shall be purchasing a coffee condom A.S.A.P.