Friday, January 12, 2007


A talisman or amulet is a small object intended to bring good luck and/or protection to its owner.

Good Morrow Creatives;
I will be brief as i am now in beginnings of flu! yuck

Yesterday when i was talking to a friend of mine from back east who is going through some challenging transitions,she asked if i would make her a tailsman..i jumped to it and loved putting this together along with my energy throughout this little piece. As i was creating the name tailsman didn't sit with me well for those who know me i love word play reworking an existing word into something that is more fitting in my humble opinion lol lol so i renamed tailsman to tailswomyn it has the same meaning except its more womin centered.

I have made and worn many a tailswomyn for many years,i find that when i am in transition whether it be moving to a new home ,health,love or creative outlet,i will fashion and energize with my intent a tailswomyn. Wearing or carrying your tailswomyn is a constant reminder of the next step on your journey.

The tailswomyn above is pinned on the card and can be easily removed and worn. each of the objects have meaning as well as an affirmation.

Goddess- call in empowerment and needed deity

Quartz Crystal- Protection,clears negative energy

Heart- Remain Open

Key- Open the doors of potential inside and Out

Affirmation: I trust the goddess is providing me with everything i need to fulfill my dreams

Its funny how something will present itself,Outisider takes alot of energy in doing paperwork which leaves little time to create my own contributions but its an issue that continues to rear its head these last two posts are two creative expressions i am very interested in pursuing.

T-art tea bags and the tailswomyn will be in my etsy shoppe in the near future.

For anyone who is interested in having a tailswomyn created for themselves or another please feel to contact me at

In Artistic Solidarity;

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