Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Strolling on the Creative Path of 2007

Happy New Year!!!
Time does fly and here we are in another year...Yesterday between email and the phone the new year came in with a rush. I look at my calendar for this month alone and wow i am on a roll.

Taking time off allowed me to reflect,evaluate Outsider Art In A Box project.So back on the path again. Being a one womin studio has its ups and downs and this is something i seriously had to look at with this ongoing project. The time i spend on admin and processing art work is time consuming but necessary which leaves me less time for looking for host sites and promotion for the machines,before xmas i was approached with two new locations and over the next couple of weeks i will follow up and will keep all posted.

So on my creative goal list is creating promotional material above the first pic is the beginning of my vision stay tuned for promo development.

The next pic is my Create My Way Journal. Another useful tool i received this year for xmas is a laptop which will be helpful when i am travelling. Have u thought about how u are going to "Create Your Way" in 2007

Enjoy your day allow it to be everything and more

Creative Blessings

In Artistic Solidarity;

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