Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Apprentice.............

Thanx for tuning into Outsider. I am not sure if any of u have watched The Apprentice with Donald Trump its funny what life serves up several months back i was typing about needing some help with the project i let it go and lo and behold i was approached by a young womin who has followed Outsider from the beginning and would love to come aboard and her words are "I would like to apprentice with you Rhonda and learn about Outsider Art In A Box".

Yahoo!!! i will have Reese introduce herself here shortly.

Above is an experiment with tea bags this one above is filled with lavendar..I call the tea bags T-art,i would like to have some ready for the boxes in the near future.

Ok its taken me a bit to get this posted this morning as lots going on here.

People its the New Year and i am always looking for new works.....Bring It On

May the creative force be with you..

In Artistic Solidarty;

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