Monday, January 15, 2007

Outsider enRoute on Air Canada

I tell ya Outsider sure does get around,yesterday i received a email from a friend offering up congrats and how proud she is of me so i went with it she said i saw Outsider Art In A Box referenced in Air Canadas online magazine this friend of mine travels quite a bit and is always up to reading as to whats going on.

Needless to say i got on the net to find the above monthly publication and lo and behold..ta da!!! I like that Outsider is being talked up as many can benefit. I also received email from an Arts Organiztion interested in hosting Outsider. Kewl eh

Instant Art(enRoute Magazine)

If Warhol was inspired by the soup can, then today’s avant-garde artists are inspired by in­stant noodles, creating bite-size doses of quick art for the masses. As Malcolm Gladwell writes in Blink, sometimes two seconds is enough.

Last summer, a drive-thru window at the Contemporary Art Gallery in Vancouver ex­hibited video art to motorists via an interactive touch screen, infusing a bit of culture into the commute. Don’t drive? L.A. artist Ruben Ochoa’s mobile gallery delivers culture to you in a van, while Toronto’s Vendart project brings art to the street with its regularly relocated hot pink art fridge.

American artist Clark Whittington pioneered the idea of using dispensers to disseminate art when he created the Art-o-mat in 1997. Taking his cue, the Distroboto project in Montreal uses a converted cigarette machine to sell objets d’art for a toonie, while mixed-media artist Rhonda Simmons of Vancouver has refurbished feminine hygiene vending machines to dispense pocket-size priceless works for $4 a piece.

The other thing we love about quickie art: It takes the snobbery out of staring at a canvas for hours debating whether or not you like Yves Klein blue.

Stay Tuned into channel Outsider and its commercial free lol

In Artistic Solidarity;


krystin said...


Let's give 'em something MORE to talk about, eh?


Anonymous said...

Congrats Outsider Art in A box..... It is like the energizer bunny just keeps going and going and going and going and going.... Cheers.

Deanne said...

Keep up the good work.